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Episode 111 – How to land a job in InfoSec with @CyberSecRicki & DevSecOps versus SecDevOps with @_sarahyo

Interview with Ricki Burke and Sarah Young, co-organisers AllSec Meetups in Melbourne and we dive into Ricki’s @BsidesPer Workshop and Sarah’s SecDevSecOpsSec session.

Ricki is the Director and Founder of CyberSec People and partners with organisations around ANZ to hire infosec (Cyber Security) professionals. He is embedded in the security community, is active at cons and Meetups and built many friendships along the way. With a passion for supporting people to break into security, he has helped many land their first job in the industry.

Ricki’s recent articles with the Australian Cyber Security Magazine

Sarah is a security architect based in Melbourne, having previously worked in New Zealand, London and various parts of Europe across a range of industry sectors. In her current role, Sarah helps enterprises move their stuff into the cloud securely. She spends most of her spare time eating hipster brunches and high teas.- Sarah’s session: “SecDevSecOpsSec: let’s stop throwing around the buzzwords.” With phrases like “DevSecOps” out there, how many of us actually know what this means? We have DevSecOps, SecDevOps, secure pipelines, security toolchains, etc. too often used interchangeably and with no clear “official” definition. In her talk, Sarah sought to distill the exact meanings of each of these and use examples from her own experiences of creating automated security processes to explain how each can be effectively used, and the tools that she has used to do this.


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