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MySecurity Marketplace, powered by MySecurity Media, is a dedicated marketplace connecting industry and enterprise professionals to the latest events, education, technology and media platforms across a global security, space and technology domain.

Ideal for any events within these industries/areas

Security & Cyber

Space & Defence

Smart Cities & Robotics

International, Asia PAcific, Oceania

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  • Media Partner Event Listing
  • Single event listing
  • Multiple event listings
  • Event Promotion Flash Package
  • Event Promotion Platinum Package
Media Partner Event ListingSingle event listingMultiple event listingsEvent Promotion Flash PackageEvent Promotion Platinum Package
$45 USD
per event
$199 USD
per annum
$1500 USD
for 30 days
$3500 USD
for 90 days
Number of eventsSingle eventSingle eventMultiple eventsSingle eventSingle event
MySecurity Media & MySecurity Marketplace to be recognised as Media Partners
Media Passes to be issued for up to two (2) MySecurity Media editorial staff, if requested
MySecurity Media may, at its discretion, distribute material at the event or in virtual stands
Event listed on MySecurity MarketplaceMaximum 90 days
Event listed on social media posts1 social post3 social posts3 social posts3 social posts6 social posts (1 every 2 weeks)
Event listed in weekly events newsletterStandard listingStandard listingStandard listingPremium listing (below platinum partners)Premium listing
Banner in weekly events newsletter
Pre-event media release to be published in a corresponding MySecurity Media Online Channel (you must provide content)1 pre-event media release2 pre-event media releases1 pre-event media release2 pre-event media releases2 pre-event media releases
Post-event media release to be published in a corresponding MySecurity Media Online Channel (you must provide content)1 post-event media release1 post-event media release1 post-event media release1 post-event media release1 post-event media release
EDM promotion1 EDM3 EDMs
Banner or tile advert30 days across 2 x websites90 days across 3 x websites
MySec.TV interview with organiser or keynote speaker
Get listedBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now

Artwork Specifications

Banner – MySecurity Marketplace 600 x 413

Banner – Facebook

1200 x 628 (1.9:1 ratio)

Social – Instagram post

800 x 800

Banner – Newsletter & Wesbite

650 x 90

Full page A4 advert

220mm x 297mm

Terms & Conditions

Event Listing

Events are listed in accordance with the following:

  1. Event information and artwork provided by the organiser – subject to reasonable discretion and approval of appropriate content;
  2. According to Country, City and Date of Commencement with Promoted and Priority Partners listed first in corresponding hierarchical order;
  3. Events are searchable according to Location (Region/Country/City/Venue), Type (Conference, Exhibition, Roadshow, Other), Time & Date, Duration, Price, Discounted Price, Key Topics, Event Organiser;
  4. Event details to be provided to MySecurity Media within 14 days of agreement and will be published by MySecurity Media within 14 days of receipt. Events are most often listed the following business day.

Events are collectively promoted on all MySecurity Media channels, including newsletters, with a direct link to the MySecurity Marketplace event page;

  1. Events receive a complimentary pre-event and post-event media release to be published in a corresponding MySecurity Media Online Channel. Content to be provided to MySecurity Media.
  2. For Contra Media Partnerships, the event media releases are posted to a MySecurity Media channel at the discretion of the Editor.
  3. MySecurity Media makes no guarantee of attendance or registration numbers for any events listed.

Changes and Cancellations

All changes must be made in writing. Any requests for cancellations or other modifications must be submitted to MySecurity Media in writing and will be granted or denied in the sole discretion of MySecurity Media. The Client may change the dates of the event within 30 days of listing at NO ADDITIONAL COST, subject to the event not being held within the next 31 day period.


All prices are in USD.

10% GST will be added to charges for Australian registered companies.

Event listings

Media Partner
Event Listing


No charges applied

Single Event

$45.00 USD

per event

Multiple Event

$199.00 USD

per annum

Event promotion packages

Event Promotion
Platinum Package (90 days)

$3,500.00 USD

for 90 days

Event Promotion
Flash Package (30 days)

$1,500.00 USD

for 30 days