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Episode 113 – Security practice is broken. How can we fix it? Interview with Dr Jodie Siganto @BSidesPer

Interview with Dr Jodie Siganto, a lawyer who accidentally strayed into security about 18 years ago and never been able to get out. Fascinated by what happens at the interface between humans and technology, particularly in the security and data privacy realm. Intrigued by what shapes security practice and our failure to change.

Jodie’s proposal is that as information security practitioners we think of ourselves as professionals with a special expertise. But is this perspective real? Or are we more like security brokers negotiating an acceptable outcome with the business? “If we are a profession, then who is shaping that profession? If we are experts, is education producing the right person? By looking at some of these questions, I hope to start a conversation about how we might re-shape security practice to delivery better results for practitioners, their employers and the community more generally.”

Recorded at BSides Perth 2018 which attracted over 300 delegates, including kids and families, to UWA Business School and along with t-shirts, beanies and tool kits, delegates also received a cool and unique handmade conference badge, using a NodeMCU ESP8266 WiFi SoC. Security BSides (commonly referred to as BSides) is a hacker convention, held amongst a growing eco-system of events in Australia and New Zealand that provide a community driven framework for information security conferences.


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