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Episode 138 – Cyber Breach Communication Playbook – In-depth interview with author Peter Coroneos

This interview starts with a book review but dives into Peter’s long and fascinating journey, starting as the CEO of the Internet Industry Association in 1997 and through to his observations of today’s contemporary cyber environment and potential for the next cyber crisis – including an existential threat with an apparent escalating Cyber War between the major powers of USA and China.

Peter is the CEO of Icon Cyber and the APAC Regional Head for CyAn – CyberSecurity Advisors Network

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This book, co-authored with Michael Parker, starts at 2:30am. Waking to the news of a serious cyber security breach, this is a time as a Director or Executive you are best already prepared, rather than scrambling to get with the cyber jargon and have the first read of the Notifiable Data Breach legislation. There are new obligations and an ever increasing expectation on companies and organisations subject to the Privacy Act to get the response right.

As a ‘playbook’, Peter and Michael have set out to provide clear guidance of a practical nature, so that if organisations are faced with, say a ransomware demand, they have a decision-making framework to help ask the right questions.

Recorded in Sydney, 20 February 2019.


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