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Episode 166 – Certis CISCO Singapore launches Centre for Applied Intelligence, a Security Operations Research Hub

Interview with Mr. Fuji Foo, VP of Business Digitalisation, Certis CISCO Singapore – discussing the launch and operation of the Certis Centre for Applied Intelligence (CCAI), a Security Operations Research Hub. Full story here

The CCAI will enable Certis to build up AI expertise and resources to operationalise AI in the area of multi-disciplinary security and integrated services. In addition, it will enhance Certis’ expertise to orchestrate complex and critical business operations, enabling both Certis and its customers to keep pace with the fast-evolving business and technological landscape. Located at the Certis Commonwealth building, the 810-square-metre CCAI is equipped with software and hardware capabilities for machine learning and deep learning in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics. It is powered by the Nvidia/Asus GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) farm with a processing capacity that is scalable, enabling its training speed to increase exponentially. It also houses an environment testing room for CCTV detection tests under different lighting conditions, an audio room to assess the accuracy of audio detection under varying noise environments, and an advanced system area for trialling the movements, turning radius and speed of robots.

MySecurity Media attended the opening of the CCAI, launched separately and not in association with INTERPOL World 2019. INTERPOL World 2019 Podcast Series available here


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