Episode 181 – Digital is Everyone’s Business – a guide to transition – Interview with David Banger

Recorded via Sydney and Melbourne, interview with David Banger, author of ‘Digital is Everyone’s Business – a guide to transition’. Following our book review in Issue 9 of the Australian Cyber Security Magazine. Be one of the first 10 listeners to this podcast for your chance to receive a free copy.

Set out in five parts to address: mindset, technology, relevance, innovation and digital, David’s book establishes the framework for executives to manage the people and business transformation, in a rather simplistic (yet breaking down the complex) and adaptable step-by-step approach.

Part 2 on Technology is invaluable in addressing costs, capability, criticality, and communicating context, in addition to a number of critical assessment models, with an ultimate focus being on the ‘customer’. Part 3 on Relevance address the risk management approach, not just strategically and for the organisation, but also for career and professional development. Doing so is a natural segway to ‘rightsizing’ and analysing the roles and leaderships skill sets.

Part 4 and 5 address innovation and digital. Nigel writes, “Strategic technical innovation will require investment prior to mass market penetration. The identification and agreement of milestones for this innovation approach are important as the return on the investment could potentially be delayed.” The importance of Pre-Digital Assessments (PDAs) and Responsibilities, Activities and Initiatives (RAI) is explained and need to be considered at the outset. For digital potential, the three key areas to consider is timing, clarity and duration. Organisations that have achieved successful digital business models have outperformed the industry average of profitability by 25 per cent. A great digital business is one with customer intimacy and global scale.

Recorded 21 November 2019.

Link to the Book Review and to get a copy, visit https://issuu.com/apsm/docs/acsm_issue9/22


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