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Episode 185 – Role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) – Interview with Shamane Tan, author of Cyber Risk Leaders & founder Cyber Risk Meetups

Catch-up and update interview with Shamane Tan, author of Cyber Risk Leaders & founder Cyber Risk Meetups

Cyber Risk Leaders: Global C-Suite Insights – Leadership and Influence in the Cyber Age’was launched in July 2019 at RSA APJ Conference, Singapore and then at Atalassian Head Office, Sydney, Australia.

Cyber Risk Leaders is a laborious product of careful selection and compilation of the best stories and wisdom from over thirty C-Suite executives and based on interviews with 70 CISOs. Shamane spent several years speaking to CxOs from different industries, and all over the world, from Australia, to Singapore, Israel, the US and the UK, to bring different aspects of successful leadership to life in this unique book.

Shamane is the APAC Executive Advisor at Privasec, a leading independent Security Consulting Firm in Australia and Singapore and Founder of the Cyber Risk Meetups, meeting across Australia and Singapore.

Shamane explores the art of communicating with executives, tips on navigating through corporate challenges, and reveals what the C-Suite looks for in professional partners. For those who are interested in learning from top industry leaders, or an aspiring or current CISO, this book is gold for your career. It’s the go-to book and your CISO kit for the season.


“This large and diverse group paints an interesting narrative of the state of play in enterprise cyber risk.” Foreword by M.K. Palmore, Retired FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, FBI San Francisco Cyber Branch

“With experience and insight, Shamane has written a really useful book for existing and aspiring CISOs. I loved her unique voice, highly readable style, and wholeheartedly recommend this book.” CEO, Cyber Security Capital (UK)

“She has explored many topics long considered on the fringe of traditional security with great storytelling and insights from industry leaders.” CISO, Telstra APAC

The Cyber Risk Meetup has event opportunities in Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane and will provide attendees a special experience and additional takeaways, including the Australian Security Magazine. The Meetup has an exclusive media partnership with My Security Media, a dedicated industry channel across Asia Pacific for security, cybersecurity and related technologies. Events attract a loyal audience of between 80 – 150+ people and topic ranges include cybersecurity, legal & insurance, blockchain and IoT events, along with promotion of specialised workshops and round-tables. For more information visit and for sponsorship opportunities visit MySecurity Marketplace

Recorded 16 January, 2020 at Tank Stream Labs, Sydney

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