Episode 19 – Broad discussion with Jason Brown on Risk, Resilience & Security – National Security Professional Development, Standards Australia, Crowded Places & Mitigation Models

This is the seventh of a group of interviews from the Risk Management Institute of Australasia, or RMIA, in Canberra, 15 – 17 November, 2017.

In this interview, Chris Cubbage interviews Jason Brown, the Chair of Security Professionals of Australasia, or SPA, as well as the Chair of the Australian Standards Committee for Security and Resilience.

Jason Brown discusses how the SPA is helping to shape and support a more positive environment for national security and private sector security, by building professional expertise in both government and industry. Jason highlights the importance of resilience in building capacity within an organisation, helping to respond and adapt effectively to highly disruptive change.

Jason and Chris also discuss the Australian government’s ‘Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism’ strategy and areas for improvement, as well as the Australian Handbook on Terrorism and Risk Mitigation and certification process that may in the future affect insurance premiums. 


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