Episode 196 – How easy is it to access the Dark Web? ESET’s Chief Security Evangelist accessed Ransomware as a Service within an hour

We interview Tony Anscombe, Chief Security Evangelist at ESET, based in San Francisco. Tony explains what’s on the dark web – how easy is it to purchase ransomware as a service, set up a payment method and buy some data to send out a campaign. Tony took a fresh laptop, wiped his mind of his inherent knowledge and undertook to access the Dark Web as a novice. Taking just 40 minutes, Tony was able to engage a Ransomware as a Service, create a Bitcoin account and access campaign data which would have enabled either an internal attack or a nefarious phishing campaign.

The lesson learned is due to the ease this activity can be done, Enterprise need to ensure a layered (defence in depth) security approach. For more reading, access the following:

ESET blog www.welivesecurity.com

Whitepapers: ESET Deep Behavioral Inspection and Kr00k – CVE-2019-15126 (Wi-Fi vulnerability)

ESET® has been developing IT security software and services for businesses and consumers worldwide, with solutions ranging from endpoint and mobile security, to encryption and two-factor authentication. Backed by R&D centers worldwide, ESET became the first IT security company to earn 100 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards, identifying every single “in-the-wild” malware without interruption since 2003. For more information visit www.eset.com

Recorded 19 March 2020 (AEST) courtesy of ESET.

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