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Episode 2 – Interview with Bonnie Butlin, keynote speaker at #AISACON17

Bonnie Butlin is the Co-Founder of the Security Partners’ Forum (SPF) & creator of the Women in Security and Resilience Alliance (WISECRA). This interview cover’s Bonnie’s diverse background, global Women in Security initiatives and the changing nature of societal trust around data, privacy and security.

The Security Partners’ Forum (SPF), the first-of-its-kind agile international network of security professionals, bridging all domains and disciplines of security. Under the SPF banner Bonnie created the Women in Security and Resilience Alliance (WISECRA – which engages a growing network of women in security and resilience associations/groups globally, and the Canadian Cybersecurity Alliance (CCA). Since 2013 Bonnie has received no less than 8 international awards and accolades related to security and resilience including most recently being named to the highly prestigious list of Canadian Who’s Who for 2017.


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