Episode 208 – Privileged Attack Vectors: Building Effective Cyber-Defense Strategies to Protect Organizations – Interview with Morey Haber, CTO & CISO, BeyondTrust

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Interview with Morey Haber, CTO & CISO, BeyondTrust on the launch of the 2nd edition of his first book, “Privileged Attack Vectors: Building Effective Cyber-Defense Strategies to Protect Organizations”. The first edition was a best-seller on Amazon when it was launched 3 years ago.

Since then, the world has changed, Morey felt the need to write a second edition to cover brand new concepts in cyber-security that will help CISOs and their teams to better protect their organizations from the ever increasing cyber-attacks – such as “Just-in-Time PAM” and “Universal Privileged Management” – concepts that prompted global analyst firms to recommend Privileged Access Management as the number one priority for CISOs.

Morey wears “two hats” at BeyondTrust in his positions of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer. In order to keep his own organization secure from the ever increasing cyber-attacks as well as contribute to BeyondTrust’s innovative product roadmap, he utilizes the lessons acquired over almost three decades of experience in IT and cyber-security.

To date, he’s authored three books, “Privileged Attack Vectors”, “Asset Attack Vectors”, and “Identity Attack Vectors”; and oversees BeyondTrust’s global strategy for privileged access management and remote access solutions. 

“Privileged Attack Vectors (2nd Edition)” details the risks associated with poor privilege management, the techniques that threat actors leverage, and the defensive measures that organizations should adopt to protect against an incident, protect against lateral movement, and improve the ability to detect malicious activity due to the inappropriate usage of privileged credentials. This revised and expanded second edition covers new attack vectors, has updated definitions for privileged access management (PAM), new strategies for defense, tested empirical steps for a successful implementation, and includes new disciplines for least privilege endpoint management and privileged remote access. It is the perfect read for any cyber-security professional.

Listen to the Podcast for a special book giveaway and one-on-one briefing.

For further information on Universal Privilege Management or click here for a special book competition “Identity Attack Vectors” direct with Beyondtrust.


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