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Episode 212 – Cybersecurity Taskforce Webinar Session – Capacity Building For Resilience 2020

National Cybersecurity – Capacity Building For Resilience 2020

Cybersecurity Taskforce Webinar Session 27 July 2020 – Also available for viewing on MySecurity TV

Standards Australia has joined with the NSW Government, AustCyber and industry to establish a new taskforce to improve the practice of cybersecurity across Australian industry.

The Taskforce brings together defence, energy, health, financial services, and the education sector and has agreed on improving support for Australia becoming a more resilient nation in terms of cybersecurity through sector-specific initiatives and technical guidance, greater cooperation between technologies, and learning from global examples.


The Hon. Victor Dominello MP, Minister for Customer Service, NSW Government

Prerana Mehta, Chief of Ecosystem Development, AustCyber

Dr Jed Horner, Strategic Advocacy Manager, Standards Australia

Simon Bush, General Manager, Australian Information Industry Association

Moderator: Chris Cubbage, Executive Editor & Director, MySecurity Media

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