Episode 23 – Melbourne Shield crisis communication network & insights into ‘Blackberry Workspaces’

In this episode, we speak with Alex Manea, Chief Security Officer at Blackberry. We discuss Blackberry’s return to its core as a software and security company, and its move away from mobile handsets. The discussion moves to the release of the Melbourne Shield crisis communication network, which utilises the Blackberry At-Hoc platform, and allows messages to be sent to students, employees or even customers, in the case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Alex also shares insights into ‘Blackberry Workspaces’, and how this solution aids in preventing data leaks, by encryption and protection across multiple end-points, whether that’s within the cloud, in or outside of the corporate network. These platforms form part of Blackberry’s other solutions within the greater Blackberry Secure product offering.

Now here’s Chris Cubbage and Alex Manea.


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