Episode 256 – The Secure Board book launch with Claire Pales and Anna Leibel

We speak with Anna Leibel and Claire Pales on their new book – The Secure Board.

This latest book is the second book from best selling author, Claire Pales and the first for her co-author Anna Leibel. Claire and Anna are the founders of the boutique advisory firm The Secure Board and leading experts in cyber security and technology. They are independent advisors who work with many with boards and committees in both Australia and Asia.

Anna is also a current director on the board of Ambulance Victoria.

For a copy of the book – visit https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/books/the-secure-board-how-to-be-confident-that-your-organisation-is-cyber-safe/

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Recorded 26 March on MySec.TV – video version available at https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/av-media/the-secure-board-with-anna-leibel-claire-pales-book-launch/

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