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Episode 279 – Data Protection Considerations During a Security Transformation Project – Webinar Takeaway

To realistically transform data protection there are complex considerations, competing priorities and some new approaches that need to be adopted.

This is an informative panel discussion with the CISO of Flybuys, Alex Loizou, Strategic Business Director of Forcepoint, Nick Savvides and hosted by Chris Cubbage of MySecurity Media.


Common data protection challenges organisations are facing during security transformation projects;

Insights into the FlyBuys experience. What the Flybuys’ CISO considered as part of their security transformation project, including security terminology, team changes and culture;

Key advice and takeaways for those planning or about to execute a security transformation project at their organisation.


We’re in a constant state of transformation where technology and security requirements are changing rapidly.

Over the last 18 months, organisations have seen large scale changes in terms of where employees are working from, the use of cloud applications and importantly, to our network design patterns.

While digital transformation and security management has been the core focus of this rapid change, it’s been slower moving in the data protection space, which has always been a complex area.

There are an array of considerations, competing priorities and some new approaches that need to be adopted.

Recorded 10 August 2021 courtesy of Forcepoint and Learn Security.

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