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Episode 293 – #AUCyberWeek2021 – Hypothetical cyber attack highlights and takeaways

On a Sunday morning in Sydney, the computers freeze and digital systems go down at a leading hospital. The nurses on the ground don’t know it yet, but the hospital is under cyberattack. How is this going to unfold? That was the question posed at an Australian Cyber Week hypothetical on Monday.

The hypothetical, hosted by AustCyber, is one of a series of events marking Australian Cyber Week and designed to raise cybersecurity awareness. Monday’s hypothetical included experts from the Australian Cyber Security Centre, the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise, health provider BUPA, and cyber threat intelligence firm Cybermerc.

We speak with Michelle Price, CEO of AustCyber about the outcomes from the opening two days of events and the remainder of the week’s events.

Recorded October 26, 2021

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