Episode 306 – Assessing Risk in ICS Environments

Ransomware has captured the attention of many due to its far-reaching impacts on industrial control systems (ICS). Once a problem that only affected IT infrastructure, ransomware that now targets ICS / OT can significantly impact or even shut-down control processing, logistics, distribution, and delivery of critical goods.

We speak with Dr. Tom Winston, Director of Intelligence with Dragos Inc, based in Virginia. Dr. Winston is a Cyber Security subject matter expert focused on threats to critical infrastructure (ICS/SCADA) systems, as well as foreign cyber threat intelligence and threat analysis. Tom has extensive public and private sector experience in IT/OT threat environments to include hunting, detection engineering and reverse engineering. Tom has extensive experience in mobile devices, removable/fixed media digital forensics. Tom is also a seasoned manager of people, technology, projects, and programs. Multilingual, and with extensive experience in international relations, intelligence, and foreign policy analysis. Dr Winston has extensive private and public sector experience in IT/OT threat environments to include hunting, detection engineering and reverse engineering.

Formerly, a highly sought after and award-winning professor Dr Winston was an undergraduate and graduate student advocate and champion; student success is critical – not just in school, but after graduation as well. He built cyber security engineers one student at a time and continues to assist them even well past their graduation by providing career and other professional guidance.

Recorded 18 January 2022 courtesy of Dragos.

To view the video version visit https://mysecuritymarketplace.com/av-media/assessing-risk-in-ics-environments/

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