Episode 310 – Reforming Electronic Surveillance in Australia – Part 1 – Submission from the Australia Computer Society

We speak with Dr Nick Tate, President of the Australian Computer Society (ACS). Nick is also President of the South-East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) and an Adjunct Professor of IT and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland.

The ACS has recommended the Australian Government change the way electronic surveillance is performed by the nation’s law enforcement agencies.

In a written response to the Department of Home Affairs’ Reform of Australia’s electronic surveillance framework Discussion Paper last week, ACS called on the government to stop ‘deputising’ IT professionals and technology companies.

This follows ACS’ objection to the 2018 Assistance and Access Bill requiring Australian IT companies and professionals to secretly assist in cracking electronic protections when called upon to do so by agencies.

To read more visit https://australiansecuritymagazine.com.au/call-out-to-stop-deputising-tech-companies/

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