Episode 360 – Future of Resilience for IT decision makers

We speak with Connell Perera, NEC Australia Cyber Security Portfolio Manager.

NEC Australia offers a comprehensive range of assessments and managed security services to provide businesses and government departments with peace of mind.

NEC Security is focussed on rapidly reducing your risk with a threat focused defence, maximising your security investment through automation and machine learning, and reducing your threat landscape by applying global expertise executed by local experts.

Founded on a Zero Trust mindset, NEC Security, with our global partners, continually apply our intelligence to grow your cyber security competency and to build your confidence as a security decision-maker, backed by a complete cyber security defence underpinned by the best people, intelligence, and technology.

Protecting your assets, increasing the return on your security investment and effort all whilst reducing your risk is our trusted NEC Security approach.

To find out more visit https://www.nec.com.au/solutions/cyber-security

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