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Episode 37 – Red Hat, the world’s largest open source software company in APAC & video surveillance February 12, 2018

In this interview, Chris Cubbage talks to Josep Garcia, the VP for Partners and Alliances for Asia-Pacific at Red Hat, the world’s largest open source software company.

You’ll hear about the role of Red Hat as a technology steward, bridging open source software with enterprises, while maintaining piece-of-mind, the Red Hat product suite, and their role in reducing the costs within the surveillance market through more efficient data compression algorithms and storage.

Josep also shares insights into a recent surveillance data storage project that could be valued at over 30 million dollars with current technology, but with Red Hat, could be cut by two-thirds, to approximately 10 million dollars. Josep and Chris also discuss which countries are rolling out the largest surveillance projects across Asia-Pacific and the slow shift towards Edge and Cloud storage.


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