Episode 389 – Zero Standing Privileges are a better and more secure fit for cloud native businesses

We speak with Charles Chu, General Manager of Cloud Security at CyberArk in the lead up to his Australian visit in March 2024.

CyberArk has advanced capabilities for securing access to cloud services and modern infrastructure for all users, based on the company’s risk-based intelligent privilege controls.

The CyberArk Secure Cloud Access solution provides just-in-time access with zero standing privileges to cloud management consoles and services running in multi-cloud environments. These security controls enable secure access to every layer of cloud environments, while causing no disruption or change to the way developers and other users access cloud services.

Charles will be in Sydney & Melbourne – 18-22 March, 2024.

For a demo visit https://www.cyberark.com/request-demo/ or find out more at https://www.cyberark.com/contact/

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