Episode 400 – Episode 1 – Security & Risk Professional Insight Series 2024

Now in its fourth year we’ll be starting this year’s series at a heightened time of risk and significant activity across the security domain – the opening episodes will be discussing how these events impact private security and emergency services and what may be the broader requirements and implications.

To open the series, which will run regular episodes of live webinars, pre-recorded interviews and in-person events, we wanted to open with the current state of play – regional conflicts in the Middle East and Europe with a steadily growing risk of an Indo-Pacific conflict and how this will and may impact on the private security and emergency management sector.

In this episode we’re joined by:

  • Dr Malcolm Davis, Senior Analyst, ASPI
  • Stephen Beaumont AM, Chair, Critical Infrastructure ISAC and
  • Gill Savage, Senior Fellow, ASPI

Webinar title: Requirements and implications on the private security sector in a phase of multi-region conflict

  • Implications of war (and pre-war) in the Indo-Pacific and impacts on the private security sector
  • Alignment and consistency of national security advice
  • Trust in information systems and delivery/interpretation
  • Current and required national response frameworks should war break out in the Indo-Pacific
  • Learning outcomes from the Pandemic – what went wrong and what needs to change?



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