Episode 404 – AI Trust: The Philippine Airlines Journey

In this interview, we speak with Mac Munsayac, Head of Customer Experience at Philippine Airlines, to explore the transformative role of AI in the aviation industry. Mac elaborates on the integration of generative AI and tools to enhance customer interactions by providing personalized, proactive, and frictionless experiences, especially in scenarios involving flight disruptions and service-related concerns.

He underscores the significance of recognizing AI’s limitations and stresses the necessity of human intervention in high-risk tasks to ensure accuracy and reliability. Training employees effectively and maintaining ongoing communication are crucial to successfully implementing AI. Mark highlights that starting with high-volume, less complex pain areas allows for immediate impact and smoother adoption.

Using the example of checking flight statuses—a high-volume but straightforward task—he illustrates how AI can significantly reduce customer queries and improve service efficiency. This approach serves as a training ground, gradually extending AI’s application to more complex scenarios. Mark also touches on the importance of defining clear metrics for operational efficiency, customer experience, and cost savings to measure AI’s success.

Ultimately, he advises organizations to adopt a phased approach, beginning with manageable tasks to build trust and progressively enhancing AI capabilities. This ensures that AI is leveraged effectively to improve customer experiences and operational efficiency while managing risks and expectations realistically.

Mac Munsayac, Head of Customer Experience, Philippine Airlines: A dynamic leader with 20 years of diverse leadership experience spanning global finance, business process outsourcing, and aviation. Currently serving as the head of PAL Customer Experience, he excels in fostering innovation, problem-solving, and maximizing organizational performance. In this capacity, he oversees initiatives aimed at enhancing passenger satisfaction, streamlining services, and elevating the overall customer journey. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mac is an avid traveler, deeply passionate about immersing himself in diverse cultures and experiences.

Recorded 8 May 2024, 3pm, World Tour Essentials Asia 2024, Singapore Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre



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