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Episode 53 – CiscoLive! Interview with Stephen Dane, Managing Director of Cisco Systems for Asia-Pacific and Japan

Stephen Dane, Managing Director of Cisco for Security of Asia-Pacific and Japan covers the cybersecurity marketplace for the region and discusses the impact of global ransomware attacks, and the increase in awareness in malware, particularly for medium sized businesses.

We discuss Cisco’s subscription model, Umbrella, and the increasing maturity of the Australian and New Zealand markets, particularly in relation to integrating technologies to provide a holistic solution. There is also an observed increase of ASEAN countries seeking to cooperate in order to create a coherent policy across the region, and therefore reduce any weak link, created by immature markets that have a lower investment in infrastructure.

We end with a discussion on Cisco’s involvement with universities in the region, developing cybersecurity curriculum and the work done to build cybersecurity talent for the longer term.

Recorded at Cisco Live, Melbourne, 7 March 2018 – MySecurity Media attended Cisco Live courtesy of Cisco.


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