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Episode 67 – Tech & Terrorists, Drones & Devices – Insights from Australia’s leading terrorism researcher – Professor Clive Williams, ANU

Professor Clive Williams, Centre for Security and Military Law at the Australian National University has been a staple provider of research into national security and counter terrorism for many years.

Professor Williams provides current insight into terrorism activity in the Asia Pacific, including the Marawi seige in 2017 where 1,000 insurgents were killed, and provides a chilling warning which rang true about Islamic State fighters returning to their homeland and posing a threat. Bombings in Surabaya, Indonesia two weeks (13 May) after this warning proved him correct.

We also discuss the use of technology by terrorists, such as drones and Australia’s readiness for terror attacks, with legislation, data sharing and the lack of political will all being major factors of consideration.

This is an in-depth and broad interview with one of the country’s leading thought leaders in the security domain. It was a privilege. Enjoy!

Recorded May 1, 2018 at the 2nd Annual Security, Safety & Counter Terrorism Forum, Sydney.


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