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Episode 68 – 3D Printing’s perfect storm – Interview with the 3D Printing & Robotics Team, Konica Minolta

On location at National Manufacturing Week, Sydney Olympic Park, Martin Keetals, National Business Manager for Robotics and Marc Brandon, Marketing Manager for 3D Printing & Robotics provided insights into the fast-developing 3D printer systems, including the release of the ‘Figure 4’ scalable DLP system, the convergence of technologies in material sciences, computer processing and market demand for cost saving and high productivity systems, including robotics.

Konica Minolta is also introducing the MiR200 robot platform (check out the video briefing) and working closely with a number of universities in material science research and 3D printing applications. Discussion includes application of security robots, 3D printed weapons and the cyber security frameworks, and even the potential application of blockchain.

Full briefing provided at

Recorded at National Manufacturing Week, Sydney Olympic Park, 10 May 2018.


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