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Episode 99 – Is this the McDonalds of the DC industry? Meet Digital Realty, the world’s largest full scale data centre provider

As part of our Data Centre #DCD series of interviews, we speak to Rod Glover, Director – Data Centre Operations, Australia and Omer Wilson, Head of Marketing APAC at Digital Realty.

Digital Realty is the world’s largest full scale data centre provider offering colocation, wholesale deployments, interconnection and cloud services. Cloud providers are growing rapidly and remain the fastest growing in the DC market. Geographically distributed across North America, Europe and APAC, these customers need to spread their DC assets quickly. With a unique business model where Digital Realty source and purchase the land and then lease (the McDonalds of the DC industry?), Digital Realty is a real estate investment trust and also sources electricity with hedges on the energy market rather than fixed terms. This facilitates a range of advantages including PUE (Power Utilisation Efficiency), measured by the total power divided by the IT load, with a 1:3 ratio as a DC design target.

With facilities based in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), the APAC region is the fastest customer growth region across the world.

If you like tech business model discussions, you’ll enjoy this one!

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Interview recorded at ICC on 23 August 2018 at Data Center Dynamics – DCD Australia, Sydney #DCDAustralia


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