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Australia in Space Magazine, Issue 4, 2022


Welcome to the fourth edition of the Australia in Space Magazine and released as Official Media Partners to The Andy Thomas Space Foundation’s 14th Space Forum. This edition follows our attendance in Paris with the International Astronautical Federation who gathered more than 9,300 delegates from 110 countries at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Australia emerged as one of the big winners from IAC. Sydney was announced as the host city for IAC 2025, an event that is expected to bring around 5,000 delegates from around the world. We cover the international space sector, with coverage of the IAC, space sector in Scotland, UK and Asia. As always, we again cover the full diversity of the Australian and international space industry and there is so much more to touch on. Enjoy the reading, watching and listening.


  • Australia – Italy, Collaboration and investment opportunities in space and complimentary industries
  • Perth-based QL Space takes centre stage at Indian space expo
  • Technological networking events within The Andy Thomas Space Foundation Week
  • French Flair – Australia Shines at IAC 2022
  • AI for space at the IAC
  • France – Australia: Space is the limit
  • Study confirms Australia’s capability to build and operate lunar services rover
  • The Space Bridge: The UK and Australia gravitating to trade
  • ZES Extends LEO Satellite Lifespan
  • Catching a ride on a caravan to space
  • Gilmour Space Technologies
  • Australia aims for the moon
  • Pioneering ocean-sensing satellite to benefit Australia’s Blue Economy
  • The Australian defence strategic review and space
  • Ukrainian space power in the current Russian invasion
  • Scotland’s holistic approach to space sustainability
  • NASA spacecraft crash attempts to alter an asteroid’s course
  • Introducing Space Machines Company
  • The Eartheye Space Platform promises to democratise earth observation data
  • New Frontier in space weather forecasting opens
  • Aussie start-ups growing plants on the moon
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