Australia in Space Magazine, Issue 6, 2023


In this issue as part of our cover feature and coverage of the Space Sustainability Summit in New York, including Australia in Space TV interviews with the Secure World Foundation’s Dr Peter Martinez and Dr Brian Weeden, Dr Rebecca Connolly writes on the significant rise in LEO space assets and the corresponding legal and governance challenges relating to space debris, space traffic management, the dual-use of satellite technology for commercial and military purposes and the impacts on our dark and quiet skies.

As always, we cover the full diversity of the Australian and international space industry and there is so much more to touch on, including live, embedded content in this digital edition. Enjoy the reading, watching and listening.


  • South of the Equator: The unique benefits of launching from an Australian equatorial spaceport.
  • Milo space academy to launch in Australia
  • Arose awarded stage 1 grant to design lunar rover for moon mission
  • 6 essential satellite services that critical infrastructures depend on
  • The United States of Australia goes global
  • CubeSatPlus 2023: Paving the way for small-sat technology advancements in Australia
  • Removing space junk: The missing piece of the puzzle
  • The surge in activity in Low Earth Orbit is generating legal and governance challenges
  • UK Space Agency says reducing space debris is a priority
  • Smallsat’s large strides
  • The United Kingdom wants to be a space insurance hub
  • Luxembourg space agency eyes bridging role in US-China space relations
  • Calls for a new way of thinking about the global space race
  • Unlocking the potential of space: Spire’s vision and approach after a decade of innovation
  • Unveiling extraterrestrial mysteries: Juice’s journey to Jupiter and beyond.
  • Space Camp Graduation 2023 Endeavour scholarship program
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