CTF for Girls

Singapore Second Edition



As WoSEC organized last year the First CTF for Girls in Singapore, we want to improve our competencies of our community locally and advance diversity.

We are excited to present our plans for THE SECOND CTF FOR GIRLS EVENT in Singapore, and with the help of your valued contribution we are aiming to bring about greater awareness of this cause.

Meeting this goal is vitally important to bring much-needed help and awareness about capable and skilled women in the industry.


  • Create a platform for the top information security female pentesters and security professionals in Singapore
  • Provide participants with a realistic hacking environment
  • Provide participants with motivation and inspiration to continue exploring their journey in cyber security
  • Encourage newcomers to join the field



We are expecting max 200 attendees and 100 participants. Individual teams will be formed.
Professionals and students, 18 years + are invited to the event.
The event will span across 2 days. Registration starts at 10am and the actual competition begins at 11am. The competition will end 24 hours later.
The qualifiers for the event will be held on the 12/13th of September 2020.
The competition will be hold virtually, livestreamed on YouTube.
For the previous run, a team of 5 people will be required for over 200 participants involved.
We will need full Wi-Fi access in addition and non-restrictive Internet.
No food will be distributed.


We do not condone the use of knowledge taught in this course for malicious purposes. Hence, although we cover much breadth in our scope and reflects reality as much as possible, we will repeatedly emphasize on a more important aspect: defence. A good portion of points in the CTF will come from knowing how to harden a system, an important skill that secures a system from attacks. Furthermore, participants must sign waiver forms to ensure prevention of misuse of knowledge here.


10:00am – Registration, Distribution of Contest Instructions and Lunch
11:00am – Opening Address
11:30pm – Competition
1:00pm – Lunch Break
7:00pm – Dinner & Networking / Keynote Speaker
8pm-7am – Competition
7am – Sharing of Initial Results
11am – End of Competition
11am – Keynote Speaker
12:00pm – Closing Speech & Prize Presentation

TOPIC DOMAINS: CCTV, Video Surveillance, Standards

Video Surveillance System Standards 


Vlado Damjanovski

Author, Lecturer, CCTV Expert

ViDi Labs

Join one of the world’s most renown CCTV specialists and dive into the latest Video Surveillance Standards, AS/NZS 62676. The newly adopted IP VSS standard is based on IEC 62676-5 and measures CCTV camera resolution in a slightly different manner to what was the case in the past. Over the past 35 years of professional CCTV activity Vlado has sought to educate, clarify and demystify the science of CCTV and this session is intended to add some clarity about the latest standards and applications.

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes – incl Q&A

TOPIC DOMAIN: Cyber Security , Awareness, Remote Working

Security Awareness for Remote Workforce


Chirag D Joshi, M.S., CISA, CISM, CRISC, author of  ‘7 Rules to Influence Behaviour and Win at Cyber Security Awareness‘ 

These are unique times – stress, anxiety and uncertainty around health, jobs and economy. Humans are often really poor in dealing with uncertainty.

Working remotely is inherently different than in the office. Especially when it becomes the norm, as opposed to an occasional event.

Join Chirag for this session as he discusses practical ways to maintain security awareness and promote secure behaviour in these times. After all, most cyber incidents occur due to human errors and mistakes, not complicated technical exploits.

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes – incl Q&A




TOPIC DOMAINS: Cyber Security, Industrial Control Systems, Business Continuity

Effective Business Continuity Preparedness and Disaster Recovery Preparedness for Industrial Control Systems 

Daniel Ehrenreich, B.Sc. Engineering, ISO27001 Lead Auditor.

Secure Communications and Control Experts Reliable and safe operation of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are considered critical for a broad range of industries supporting the wellbeing on a national level. The growing convergence of IT and ICS, long-time separated domains, calls for a special attention and adoption of ICS-oriented best practices.

That being said, these functionalities can be jeopardised internally by an incentivised individual, or through remote access by a hostile organisation; Hence appropriate preventive measures should be taken to mitigate these breaches and minimize possible damages.

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes – incl Q&A

TOPIC DOMAINS: Criminology, Crime, Security Applications

Offenders – what’s their story

Martin Gill – Criminologist

Join Professor Martin Gill, a renowned Criminologist and researcher discussing crime and security with insight from the offender’s perspective. How do offenders select their targets and how should the security industry and organisations posture themselves to present the greatest deterrence. 

Duration – 30 – 60 minutes – incl Q&A

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