AMS Australia

Mission Statement:

To design and engineer state of the art security hardware for the 21st century.

Specialising in lock monitoring hardware and high security door solutions.

AMS Australia offers a unique range of security products with an international reputation for innovative design and development of lock and door hardware and high security door solutions.  Several of our our products are used and endorsed by the Australian Government for high security applications and are listed in the SEC (Security Equipment Catalogue).  Our products are installed in Australia and around the world where intrinsic monitoring reduces the risk of unauthorised access.

We also offer a specialised service where we can custom engineer products for unique applications.  We have undertaken a number of special projects that require a “one-off” solution.

Key business Areas

  • High Security Door Solutions that offer integrated security monitoring in one unit
  • Covert lock hardware monitoring for high security and commercial applications
  • Lock hardware monitoring that incorporates security software
  • Specialised design and engineering for complex security lock monitoring applications

Proudly supporting Australian manufacturing

We are proudly Australian owned and operated and support our local manufacturing industry.

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