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CISO Indonesia 2023

Join us at CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) Indonesia as we explore cybersecurity strategies implemented in different organisations. As the fourth largest internet user in the world, Indonesia is experiencing an increased number of cyber-attacks, with many of these attacks targeting critical infrastructure, financial institutions, and government agencies. Some of the common types of cyber-attacks […]

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CISO Auckland 2023

Put Security at the Centre of Business Strategy. Now in its second year, CISO Auckland is the definitive meeting place for New Zealand’s most senior InfoSec decision-makers. CISO Auckland is the ultimate gathering of New Zealand’s top InfoSec decision-makers! At CISO Auckland, we bring together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss everything from mitigation,

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CISO Singapore 2023

Deliver actionable cybersecurity strategies Strengthen security posture, prevent new and emerging threats, drive change, and enable secure and safe growth at CISO Singapore. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Singapore returns in 2023 with more content, new speakers and lively discussion. As information security risks advance, so do the strategies to combat them. At CISO Singapore,

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CDAO Indonesia 2023

Corinium’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Indonesia is coming to Jakarta in July! Join us to connect with the brightest minds in data and analytics, including executives, innovators, technologists, and business leaders – all with one goal in mind: to strategize and achieve data success within your organization. In today’s business landscape, data and

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CISO ASEAN Online 2023

CONNECTING YOU TO WHAT’S NEXT IN INFOSEC For the first time, cyber incidents, including data breaches, are classified as the most serious risk to businesses in ASEAN. In fact, the average cost of a single data breach to an ASEAN organisation averages at SGD3.6 million. Singapore alone saw 96% of its businesses report a breach

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CDAO Singapore 2023

Join us at CDAO Singapore 2023 to share insights on industry’s most critical challenges and real-world opportunities around data and analytics. Corinium’s Chief Data & Analytics Officer (CDAO) Singapore returns for its 2023 edition to convene and to connect leading data and analytics executives, innovators, technologist, and business leaders with one goal in mind –

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CDAO Brisbane 2023

Staying current with trends and technology has never been more critical for business. In the era of fast-pace technological advancements, greater consumer expectations, an erratic market, heavy cloud reliance and an unbelievable availability of data, staying current means staying competitive and delivering what is needed to take business growth to new heights by using data

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CDAO Sydney 2023

How should you approach data collection and usage in this age? The topic of ethics, particularly with AI, has been the talk of the town. What should you be doing with data ethics? Trying to get the organisation to adopt a data-driven culture but need more ideas to make it work? How do you get

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