Counter Terrorism Certification Board

Certified Physical Security Consultant (CPSC) e-learning


Intelligence Analysts employ critical thinking, analytical methods, and specialized knowledge to recognize, comprehend, and assess potential threats and to furnish sound judgment and suggestions to decision makers in a prompt manner.


The CPSC credential provides demonstrable proof of knowledge, skill and experience in defined areas within the scope of practice for the Physical Security Consultant. Physical Security Consultant provides advice on security measures in order to reduce threats, vulnerabilities and consequences for individuals and properties from terrorist and criminal acts. The CPSC credential is designed for security professionals who are actively consulting and/or supervising the implementation of security measures as part of their organizational duties or as a service to clients.

Earning a CPSC demonstrates professional’s competency as a consultant in 4 main domains:

  • Assessments & Audits
  • Physical security planning
  • Project Implementation
  • Managing the security plan effectiveness