2020 Data Security Index

October 22, 2020

Data security is a leading concern for organizations of all kinds – and it will become even more critical in the coming years.

Technological trends and developments are changing the way data is stored, along with the way it needs to be protected. Database systems, no matter what their form, continue to grow larger and even more complex. The data itself continues to become not only more valuable, but also more essential for how your organization operates, which makes it an even more tempting target for all manner of malicious actors. To top it all off, high-profile data breaches are making the public more distrustful of organizations who store personal data – and causing governmental entities to create stringent compliance regulations.

As a cybersecurity professional, all of these factors add up to increasing pressures, responsibilities and potential hazards. The total volume of digital data people and businesses have created worldwide is approximately 50 zettabytes in 2020, and is projected to triple by 2025, per research from IDC. According to the 2020 Trustwave Global Security Report, attacks on cloud services have more than doubled, while ransomware demands are now the leading form of incidents during data breaches. And the global annual cost of cybercrime, when factoring in regulatory fines, is projected to run into the trillions in the near future.

Yet, while the threats and exposure to risk are growing, your budgets and staff are not. That’s why this report was created: to help you gain a critical edge in the fight to secure your data. We hope that it helps you to gain a better understanding of the data security landscape and the attitudes and actions of your industry peers. Use this report as you see fit – through either a complete read through or a scanning of the key data points. The headlines of each page summarize the findings contained within, to help you gain a quicker understanding. For further reading, visit the Trustwave blog to learn more about our continuing research into data and database security.

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