2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report

May 11, 2021

The 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report reminds us that in a world of evolving cyberthreats, we need to stay ahead of the curve to secure the next horizon of cyber resilience. Success lies in rethinking what you need to accommodate new ways of working; engaging with your ecosystem of partners and customers to entrench trust across the supply chain; and securing all elements of your infrastructure to drive business value and transformation.

We’re here to keep you secure by design with our intelligence-driven cybersecurity.

Executive summary

NTT designs and implements cybersecurity solutions to address challenges impacting clients across many industries. In our 2021 Global Threat Intelligence Report, we identify the threats organizations faced globally over the last year, and provide operational, tactical and strategic recommendations they should consider implementing to manage risk.

In this year’s Report, we continue reinforcing the concepts of ‘cyber-resilience’ and ‘secure by design’ solutions, but also include discussions related to trust. Organizations can no longer simply assign blind trust to new alliances, partners or vendors. It is also not wise to trust unvetted access to your organization’s data. We devoted an entire section of this year’s Report to discussing trust and briefly review the ‘cyber-resiliency’ and ‘secure by design’ concepts.

As in previous years, we continue our analysis of attacks against several industries. This includes looking at finance, healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology. We share our findings for each industry and look closely at where we observed changes in nefarious cyberattack activity.

This Report shares insights that empower cybersecurity leaders and defenders to make informed decisions on where to focus when making investments in and improvements to their security capabilities. The Report will also enable them to evaluate threats which may impact their environments and help them identify where risks can be reduced as well as where detection and response capabilities may be improved.

It is noteworthy that, in a year where the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly altered the tactics of threat actors, 88% of cybersecurity professionals said that risks have increased in the last six months.

Kazu Yozawa
CEO, Security Service division, NTT Ltd.

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