2021 State of Bot Mitigation

October 22, 2021

It’s well-known that bots are detrimental to your business; however, no one has explored the effectiveness of bot mitigation solutions after they have been deployed in various organizations – not until now, that is.

Conducted by an independent research firm, this first of its kind survey covers the state of bot mitigation exclusively from the perspective of organizations already using anti-bot solutions from over 200 respondents.

The 2021 State of Bot Mitigation survey finds that despite spending up to millions of dollars on bot mitigation and bot management solutions, companies are struggling to stay ahead in the fight against malicious bot attacks.

 Research Methodolgy:

Kasada commissioned Atomik Research to conduct an online survey of 204 U.S. security and technology professionals responsible for mitigating bots. Sample participants work within IT departments of organizations that employ 250 or more people. All organizations surveyed currently have bot mitigation solutions in place. The survey was conducted in August 2021. Atomik Research, a part of 4media group, is an independent market research agency.

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Founded in Australia, the team set-out to improve upon traditional AppSec and anti-bot solutions. We’ve pioneered a better approach that’s simple to use and ensures immediate and long-lasting protection.


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