2021 State of Security Operations

August 25, 2021

Five Key CISO Highlights

  • 79% of SOCs have increased their adoption of advanced security technologies during COVID-19 to combat evolving threats.
  • The biggest challenge for security operations teams in 2021 is monitoring security across a growing attack surface.
  • 85% of respondents increased monitoring controls as a response to COVID-related workforce transformation, as well as complex remote access requirements.
  • A top priority is the effort to build repeatable processes backed by Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIRs).
  • 72% of SOCs believe red teaming to be essential, and conduct exercises at least twice per year to encourage vigilance.



The CyberRes 2021 State of Security Operations report offers a close look at the changes, trends, challenges, and strategies of security operations (SecOps) teams around the globe. Specifically, we wanted to hear from security executives, directors, managers, and other SecOps decision makers. Pulling primarily from the results of the 2021 State of Security Operations survey, this report leverages data from over 500 security operations leaders and decision makers to offer an informative assessment of the current state of SecOps and its expected state in the near-future.

Going beyond the survey results, this report also offers implications and insights into security operations. Watch for our “C-Level Insight” highlight boxes, which include special recommendations for CISOs, CSOs, and other executives. These insights stem from a team of experts at CyberRes and Micro Focus who have either current or past C-Suite experience in security operations.


CyberRes developed a 20-question survey, not counting additional qualifier questions and demographic questions, through a respected web-based survey distribution service provider. The survey was promoted to a database of IT decision makers, managed by the service provider.

To ensure accurate responses, the survey was translated into multiple languages appropriate for the seven countries where the survey was distributed. Responses were collected from May 15 until May 31, 2021.

The margin of error for this research study is 5%, using a standard 95% confidence level.

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CyberRes is a Micro Focus line of business. We bring the expertise of one of the world’s largest security portfolios to help our customers navigate the changing threat landscape by building both cyber and business resiliency within their teams and organizations. We are here to help enterprises accelerate trust, reliability, and survivability through times of adversity, crisis, and business volatility.


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