2023 Mid-Year Security Report

August 24, 2023

Technology has continued its rapid and transformative march in the first half of 2023, revolutionizing various aspects of our lives. The proliferation of 5G networks has laid the groundwork for unprecedented connectivity and communication speeds, making it possible for smart cities and the Internet of Things (IoT) to flourish. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become deeply engrained into daily existence, enhancing everything from virtual assistants and automated vehicles to personalized healthcare and predictive analytics. Quantum computing has taken significant strides, promising breakthroughs in solving complex problems that were once deemed insurmountable and augmented and virtual reality have become more immersive and mainstream, enhancing entertainment, education, and industrial applications.

However, amidst these marvels, concerns about data privacy, cybersecurity, and ethical implications have also escalated, underscoring the need for responsible innovation. Criminal activities have continued to escalate in the first half of the year, with an 8% surge in global weekly cyberattacks in the second quarter marking the highest volume in two years. Familiar threats such as ransomware and hacktivism have evolved further with criminals gangs modifying their methods and tools to infect and affect organizations worldwide. Even legacy technology such as USB storage devices, which have long been gathering dust in desk drawers, have gained popularity as a malware messenger.

It is not just the known quantities keeping CISOs up at night. New tools such as Generative AI, which hold so much promise for good, have been manipulated by the bad guys to create code and phishing emails that can deceive even the trained eye.

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