2023 State of Cloud Strategy Survey

June 12, 2023

In a 2022 study commissioned by HashiCorp, Forrester explored multicloud’s operational potential. In this study, we examine the importance of operational maturity and how it maximizes the benefits of multicloud.

Multicloud continues to be the most pervasive cloud strategy chosen by technology practitioners and decision-makers: 86% of respondents at organizations with highly mature cloud operations were planning for, using, or expanding multicloud; 94% of high-maturity multicloud users said it has helped them achieve their business goals or expect it to in the next year.

Today’s macroeconomic uncertainty spotlights tight budgets and skills shortages, giving rise to security threats for today’s cloud organizations. Organizations that adopt and scale key operational practices to mature their cloud platforms can strengthen their adaptability to market volatility while maximizing multicloud benefits.

In January 2023, HashiCorp commissioned Forrester Consulting to understand the current and evolving state of multicloud operations, along with its drivers, challenges, benefits, and opportunities. Forrester conducted an online survey of 963 global technology practitioners and decision-makers, 93% of whom work at companies of 1,000 employees or more across a range of industries. We identified these respondents and the organizations they represent as high, medium, and low maturity based on their cloud practices across five technology and organizational dimensions: security, applications, infrastructure, networking, and platform team operations. The bottom 25% were identified as low maturity; the middle 50% as medium maturity; and the top 25% as high maturity.

We found that organizations with higher maturity are better optimized for agility, efficiency, and scale in the cloud.

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