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Agents of Transformation 2022

July 13, 2022

When we conducted our first Agents of Transformation report, it was impossible to imagine the extent to which the world would change in the next four years. The way we live, work, and consume is forever transformed, and the pandemic has elevated the status of technology leaders within their organizations.

Digital transformation is blurring the lines between business strategy and IT operations. Almost every company and organization interacts with customers and end users via web and mobile applications, and it’s the responsibility of technology experts to meet soaring expectations for always-on, secure, and exceptional digital experiences.

Maintaining the digital mandate in this new Experience Economy represents a fundamental shift in the role of technology experts. Teams now deal with growing complexity and volumes of data from across the technology stack and must integrate a massively expanding set of cloud-native services with existing on-premises systems and tools.

This report reveals the emergence of a new class of elite Agents of Transformation. These leaders are looking to better understand how issues in their respective domains impact the total experience of users and applications, adapting to accelerated change with solutions that positively affect the overall business.

At Cisco, we’re helping bring teams together to deliver outstanding application experiences to your customers and end users. We know you need to see more to solve more, so you can put the focus on business impact, decisions, and outcomes.

Our goal is to meet you where you are in your digital journey with solutions that empower observability, security, and performance for both cloud-native and traditional applications. We’re committed to giving technology experts the tools and resources they need to deliver innovation and become true Agents of Transformation.

Chief Strategy Officer and GM, Applications

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