Building Alliances for Climate Action

June 10, 2022


The impacts of climate change are happening across the country and affecting all parts of our lives. NASA has observed global temperature increases, shrinking ice sheets, increases in greenhouse gases, and more. NOAA reported the U.S. experienced 310 weather and climate disasters that exceeded $1 billion in damage and costs since 1980. Of those, 56 occurred in the last 3 years. More and more evidence has been presented. Climate change is here, and we must address this challenge.

We have the incredible opportunity to take action and become a climate-resilient nation. After all, we have no choice. To become climate resilient requires collective action. Our efforts must take a Whole-of-Government and Whole Community approach.

The Resilient Nation Partnership Network is working to address this through partnership. The result of our collective action is this Building Alliances for Climate Action resource. It is the work of many organizations and individuals, including federal representatives, faith leaders, community-based organizations, mayors and many more. At a time when many are searching for direction on how to address the climate crisis, this resource represents a unifying voice, helping guide the Whole Community forward.

Building Alliances for Climate Action is more than a resource. It tells a story of a future that is hopeful and bright. The only way we achieve that future is together.


We all have a stake in creating a more equitable and resilient nation. None of us can do it alone. Since 2015, the Resilient Nation Partnership Network has broken down barriers and built connections between diverse organizations and professionals across all sectors. Every year, our actions get bigger, bolder and more far-reaching in support of three central priorities:

  • Promoting natural hazard mitigation and climate adaptation actions.
  • Advancing equitable resilience initiatives.
  • Expanding capacity through partnerships.

Around the U.S., partners lead incredible missions to protect our communities from the growing impacts of climate change. This resource offers a glimpse of what is happening nationwide; we hope it inspires further discussion and collaboration across this incredible network of minds and beyond.

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