Consensus for Change Report

September 29, 2021

A global study from Motorola Solutions, conducted by Goldsmiths, University of London, about how the pandemic redefined expectations, accelerated innovation and changed our attitudes about technology for public safety.


Motorola Solutions set out to understand how people feel about the role technology plays in keeping them and their communities safe. We also wanted to learn more about how organizations globally are using technology to maintain safety and what impact the global pandemic has on their requirements and plans.

Our goal was to establish a robust and well-evidenced understanding of what the public needs from public safety and enterprise organizations, to inform opinions of what it will take to keep us safe today and into the future.

We engaged a leading academic research team led by Dr Chris Brauer at Goldsmiths, University of London, who conducted an expansive global survey of 12,000 people and interviewed 50 public safety agencies, enterprises and industry experts across 10 markets.

The results were startling.

An overwhelming 88% of citizens globally want to see public safety transformed through the use of advanced technology.

By conducting this study against the backdrop of the pandemic, we learned a great deal about how people think and feel about safety. Many believe the safety measures and policies in place today are no longer adequate to meet new levels of risk.

The majority of us are prepared to do more to keep ourselves, our families and communities safe. We are also becoming more comfortable with public safety and enterprises using advanced technologies, including cloud-based solutions, video security and analytics and sophisticated software, to combat new threats.

However, that doesn’t mean organizations have unconditional permission to innovate. Survey respondents were clear that they expect safety technology to be used with the highest standards for transparency, security and accountability. They also want the benefits of using it to be clear. Without this, organizations will not earn the acceptance and trust they need for the wider use of safety technology. And without trust, they will have far greater difficulty achieving their goals.

In this paper, leading researchers examine how safety agencies and businesses can adapt to changing public attitudes and needs for safety and security. They also present case studies from organizations who are innovating to overcome complex challenges and succeeding with new approaches to public engagement.

Our shared global experience has galvanized us and strengthened our resolve to stay safe – and we are more aware than ever of the vital role that technology can play in achieving our goals.

We hope you enjoy this report and the insights it provides on making our world safer through technology.

Mahesh Saptharishi

Senior Vice President and
Chief Technology Officer,
Motorola Solutions

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