Digital Trust In Australia: Reduce Security Risks And Deliver Superior Citizen Experiences With Digital Document Processes

July 4, 2022

Australian government agencies must respond to major economic and social trends like concerns about the future of work, climate change, and data privacy. In this environment, expanding government digital services while preserving citizen trust is not an easy task. Digital trust requires agencies to adopt not only Zero Trust frameworks for cyber resiliency, but also foundational technologies and practices that support privacy and security. Our research found that solutions that easily digitize familiar and document-oriented workflow processes of government contribute to successful humancentered digital transformation. Such solutions do this by delivering superior experiences, increasing efficiencies through automation while promoting collaboration, and improving process and identity assurance to reduce security and legal risks.

Adobe commissioned Forrester Consulting to research what challenges Australian government agencies face, what they can do to accelerate successful digital transformations, and the importance of digital document processes. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted an online survey with 150 senior business and technology decision-makers responsible for digital document processing at government agencies in Australia, Singapore, and India.


Forrester’s study yielded the following key findings:

  • Australian government agencies underutilize digital document process solutions, which impedes citizen and employee experiences. Agencies are ill-equipped to address digital-document-enabled delivery. Sixty-eight percent of respondents said a lack of technology and tools is impacting employee productivity, and 58% said their agency has difficulty maintaining security and confidentiality and ensuring that only the right people can access specific documents.
  • Digtizing document processes is an essential building block to secured digital government services. Sixty-two percent of respondents said ensuring data security and compliance is an essential benfit of digitizing document workflows. Sixty-six percent of respondents said reducing fraud risks with better audit trails is a significant benefit.
  • Using a phased deployment delivers immediate benefits. Digital document process solutions can be deployed in isolation or with application-based integrations ahead of full process digitization. In the meantime, agencies can plan how to optimize these solutions and deploy them more widely as they modernize their legacy technologies and digitize cloud-enabled processes at scale.
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