Digitization on Boards

June 8, 2021

What are successful digital executives (and their High Performing Organizations) doing better and differently in the digital arena? In this complex environment, where can digital executives and non executive boards focus — and win?

In a world where digital transformation is increasingly a make or break factor, your organization may not yet have a clear digital strategy and technology implementation plan in place. It may have had to deal with one or more cybersecurity breaches. It may even be struggling to survive.

Whatever your current status or ambitions, we invite you to read along.

In our report you will discover what successful digital executives and their High Performing Organizations are doing better. We drill down into their specific competencies to highlight the areas in which these leaders are significantly stronger. And we’ll also look at areas where even HPO leaders, and their wider organizations, can do better in a complex environment, where digital executives and their boards can focus — and win.

Amrop has dedicated this research to seeing digitization through the eyes of digital leaders from High Performing Organizations and their Low Performing equivalents. Here you will find the keys of the digital leadership skills that organizations and their non executive boards will need to build a successful digital platform to drive high growth.

We thank Jennifer Jordan, Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at IMD business school and Erik Beulen, Professor of Information Management at Tilburg University/TIAS Business School for providing their highly relevant insights on the strategic side of the research. Academia can teach us so much. Its learnings enhance the wisdom of our decisionmaking and open our minds to change. Their articles, which you will discover in the Full Findings, will give you new insights into the precise nature of your challenges.

On behalf of the Amrop Global Digital Practice, I now warmly invite you to dive into this report and listen to the voices of those executives who hold the keys to transformation and growth. Our thanks go to all the digital leaders who gave their honest and invaluable input.

Where can your organization focus, and win?

By Job Voorhoeve, Leader of the Amrop Global Digital Practice

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