Global Resilience Survey 2020

December 15, 2020


We can all agree that 2020 has been a turbulent year. It has provided a host of new challenges and opportunities for organisations across the globe and it has radically changed our risk landscape. Many organisations have acknowledged both the pros and cons of our adjusted reality and are actively updating their business strategy.

Crucially, businesses have seen that their long-standing practices of managing risk and responding to significant disruptions may no longer be sufficient to protect their personnel, assets, revenue, and reputation.

To better understand our clients’ perspectives on these issues, Control Risks conducted the 2020 Global Resilience Survey and compiled the data to distil meaningful conclusions and trends to highlight how global business is practically implementing resilience programmes. This Report provides a fresh perspective on:

  • How organisations are adapting and evolving their business resilience programmes after facing this year’s challenges, including the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic
  • The differences in how resilience is understood and implemented in companies across all sectors and geographies
  • How resilience fits into the broader organisational structure and can enable the business to succeed in a period of extended uncertainty

This Report provides you with unique analysis and recommendations from the Control Risks experts, as well as benchmarks and insights derived from more than 150 business leaders from 30 sectors across five continents.

Even though we all flexed our “crisis response” and “business resilience” muscles in dealing with COVID-19, this does not mean that businesses are ready for anything. Now is a time to reflect on what has worked well or fallen short and to use that knowledge to adapt our resilience strategies and to ensure that they are embedded across the organisations in which we work.

Join us in looking to the future and preparing for the global risks to come.

Nick Allan
Chief Executive Officer

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