InEight Global Capital Projects Outlook

July 21, 2022

Here we are for the second edition of the InEight Global Capital Projects Outlook report. Once again, we find a global construction sector full of confidence, optimism and resilience against a tumultuous backdrop.

Whereas the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has lessened in most places (but not all) versus last year, that gap has been filled by new challenges in the form of supply chain shortages, inflationary pressure, an energy crisis and the war in Ukraine.

But even as extreme circumstances seemingly become everyday occurrences, our sector marches on — not least in its digital transformation.

Last year we saw plenty of enthusiasm and belief in the power of digital technology to improve the construction sector. This year’s results validate those findings and show they are no flash in the pan, but rather an observable trend, and that a sophisticated approach to digital transformation tends to correlate with organizational success.

This year however, we ask about the human impact of these changes. The construction sector, which fundamentally relies on boots on the ground, is particularly exposed to labor challenges; even as more technology is embraced, our sector is one that is more human driven than many others. That doesn’t have to be a weakness — it can be our sector’s greatest strength, but that depends on developing and realizing a vision for the future of work, which excites those in the industry.

That’s why we wanted to gauge the effect of technological changes not only on organizational success, but on people’s working lives. Is it helpful? What can be done better? Does digital transformation constitute a threat or concern to people in any way? These are the questions we look to answer this year in addition to building on the findings of last year.

In the following pages, you’ll find insights into the health of the industry, project certainty and digital transformation as it applies to both organizations and people. You’ll hear a largely unified voice and message from the sector, but also subtle differences between capital project owners and contractors across regions versus last year.

What I’m confident you won’t find is any sign of a sector buckling under the strain of the last few years. Quite the opposite — it’s onwards and upwards for the global construction sector, with a bright future well within our grasp if we work together and stay committed to human-centric digitalization that benefits all stakeholders.

Jake Macholtz, CEO, InEight

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