Lean Into Learning

February 15, 2023

We’ve been on a remarkable learning journey. COVID-19 thrust the world into crisis; hybrid work disrupted culture, process, and labor markets; skills gaps and the great resignation forced business leaders to reassess how they build, nurture, and retain their workforce.

All of this disruption has given birth to a “skilling revolution.” Throughout this transformative time, we have worked closely with our customers to help them “leap” into action, empowering their employees through learning, and ensuring they have the skills to succeed in a new world.

And, as 2022 unfolded, a common question arose: How can organizations build learning programs that show clear ROI – not only to support employee growth, but to drive enterprise-wide transformation?

We’ve discovered that while those giant leaps into learning can be the springboard for change, it’s the “steady leans” that create sustainable gains: the day-to-day commitment to people and purpose, especially in times of crisis.

When you offer your employees purpose-driven learning, you invite them to make that commitment, too – leading to increased loyalty, improved employee retention, and incredible ROI – along with the skills and competencies that ensure a future-fit workforce.

When they do well, you do well.

The world stands at a critical crossroads with public health emergencies, climate concerns, economic and social disparity, and rapid technological change creating unprecedented and simultaneous disruptions. Today’s employees, partners, and customers are asking organizations to support the greater good. And, business leaders are answering the call.

At Skillsoft, we believe that learning transforms lives. But, it also transforms organizations. The businesses that will thrive tomorrow are those that embrace the new social compact of today: one where employers, their people, and their communities are leaning into learning –  and growing – together.

CEO, Skillsoft

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Skillsoft delivers transformative learning experiences that propel organizations and people to grow together. The Company partners with enterprise organizations and serves a global community of learners to prepare today’s employees for tomorrow’s economy.


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