Never a day without space: Commander’s strategic vision

February 3, 2021


For over half a century, space power has provided the United States with an important strategic advantage.

Today, space enables nearly every facet of society and is central to our way of life.

From commerce to meteorology to global communications, society not only relies on space capabilities, it expects the services they provide to always be present. Space enables our national security to preserve our way of life.

From protecting the homeland and fighting our nation’s wars alongside allies and partners, to providing humanitarian assistance, space makes the achievements of America’s military possible.

The establishment of United States Space Command as the 11th combatant command demonstrates the critical importance America places on space. As the environment changes to reflect shifts in the

geopolitical landscape, advances in technology, and new threats, space will remain a critical component of our way of life and to our national security. Our space truths are principles that reflect this enduring relationship. They will guide our military space operations through an increasingly complex environment and into an uncertain future.


  • Space is a vital interest that is integral to the American way of life and national security.
  • Space superiority enables the Joint Force to rapidly transition from competition to conflict and prevail in a global, all-domain fight.
  • Space warfighters generate the combat power to WIN in space.
  • Space provides the warfighter a combat advantage from the ultimate high ground to the last tactical mile.

The space environment is far more competitive and dangerous today than ever before.

Our competitors are not only challenging national security and prosperity in cyberspace, on land, at sea, and in the air; they have turned space, a once peaceful environment, into a warfighting domain. By developing, testing, and deploying counter-space capabilities and evolving their military doctrines to extend into space, our competitors seek to prevent our unfettered access to space and deny our freedom to operate in space.

Space is no longer a sanctuary. Technological advances, changes in strategic guidance, and new security challenges require United States Space Command to innovate and adapt to ensure that space warfighters are prepared to accomplish future missions in, from, and to space. United States Space Command will protect and defend the American people and ensure there is…


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U.S. Space Command
United States Space Command is a unified combatant command of the United States Department of Defense, responsible for military operations in outer space, specifically all operations above 100 kilometers above mean sea level.


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