State of Cybersecurity 2020

October 2, 2020

State of Cybersecurity 2020 – More than ever, companies are accepting that digital business is the way of the future. Regardless of the industry, offering or customer base, digital tactics are needed to survive in a dynamic and unpredictable environment. With this in mind, cybersecurity moves from a piece of IT operations into an overarching business concern. From formal policies to specialized teams, organizations are adopting the practices that will secure their new digital efforts, ultimately moving towards a new framework that defines a modern mindset. This report examines the state of cybersecurity as the world fully embraces digital transformation.


Digital operations drive new security approaches

Satisfaction with current cybersecurity efforts seems high, with 36% of companies reporting they are completely satisfied and 43% reporting that they are mostly satisfied. However, this sentiment is driven in part by an executive viewpoint, and it may not be sufficient for a function as critical as cybersecurity. The shift to remote work is driving companies to re-examine their security practices, and this examination should continue through to all parts of an IT architecture, especially those pieces that have changed in recent years.

Cybersecurity practices are becoming more formal

As cybersecurity becomes less exclusive to the IT function, the broad organization needs to consider the practices that will lead to a robust security posture. First and foremost is risk management, where companies must assess their data and their systems to determine the level of security that each component requires. Another key process is monitoring and measurement, where businesses must constantly track security efforts and build new metrics that tie security activity to business objectives. Moving forward, these formal processes will likely coalesce around the zero-trust framework, which defines a mindset around ubiquitous verification that is needed in today’s distributed digital environments.

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