State of Data and Analytics, Australia & New Zealand 2022

September 6, 2022

The Views of 150 Data-Focused Executives on the Maturity of Data and Analytics in Australia and New Zealand

Executive Summary

Data and Analytics continues to have a significant impact on the decisionmaking processes of enterprises globally, brought about through big digitisation projects and a recognition of the power analytics and insights can have to improve all facets of an organisation.

As we see the demand for data expertise rising in our region, Australian and New Zealand organisations are investing. They are looking to build their data and analytics capabilities, find skilled staff and carve datadriven pathways forward.

As we follow up from our State of Data and Analytics Australia and New Zealand 2021 report, we will resume our analysis on the maturity of data and analytics practices in the region and examine the level of influence analytics has on business decisions.

This representative survey of 150 Australian & New Zealand data and analytics executives seeks to benchmark the industry’s progress and gauge to what extent data and analytics is making a difference in the Australia and New Zealand region.

This year we included data-focused leaders from companies with 500+ employees. This represents a change from last year when survey respondents were drawn from companies with 1000+ employees. This should be taken into consideration when reviewing graphs and data points that compare the two years.

Our findings suggest that there is still a lot of work required to uplift data and analytics maturity before it can truly be considered a core, driving force of business within organisations in this region. Progress is, however, looking positive.

Data leaders are formalising data strategies and are optimistic about projects over the next 12 months. They see good governance and platforms as priorities and are researching or using technologies to improve the way they serve businesses.

It’s a pleasure to bring fresh data to data and analytics leaders in our region. We hope you find the insights contained in the following pages informative.

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